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Admission Process

How To Start

To be admitted to Betel Home, a need for nursing care must be identified through the paneling process, which can be initiated by:

  • A physician

  • A home care coordinator 

  • A hospital

Once this application is completed it is presented to the panel board in your home region. The application is reviewed by this panel and then, if approved, is forwarded to the Home of your choice.

Financial Guidance  


Personal care services are offered to Manitobans who can no longer remain safely at home because of their health care needs. These services include:

  • meals

  • assistance with daily living activities like bathing, getting dressed and using the bathroom

  • necessary nursing care

  • routine medical and surgical supplies

  • eligible prescription drugs

The cost of these services is shared by the provincial government (Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors) and the client who needs the services. Manitoba Health establishes the daily charges based on annual income.





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